Compute/Visualize Drive Space Consumption of Your Installed R Packages

The fs package makes it super quick and easy to find out just how much “package hoarding” you’ve been doing:

library(ggalt) # devtools::install_github("hrbrmstr/ggalt")
library(ggraph) # devtools::install_github("thomasp85/ggraph")
library(hrbrthemes) # devtools::install_github("hrbrmstr/hrbrthemes")

installed.packages() %>%
  as_data_frame() %>%
  mutate(pkg_dir = sprintf("%s/%s", LibPath, Package)) %>%
  select(pkg_dir) %>%
  mutate(pkg_dir_size = map_dbl(pkg_dir, ~{
    fs::dir_info(.x, all=TRUE, recursive=TRUE) %>%
      summarise(tot_dir_size = sum(size)) %>% 
  })) %>% 
  ) %>% 
## total_size_of_all_installed_packages 
##                             "1.6 Gb"

While you can modify the above and peruse the list of packages/directories in tabular format or programmatically, you can also do a bit more work to get a visual overview of package size (click/tap the image for a larger view):

installed.packages() %>%
  as_data_frame() %>%
  mutate(pkg_dir = sprintf("%s/%s", LibPath, Package)) %>%
  mutate(dir_info = map(pkg_dir, fs::dir_info, all=TRUE, recursive=TRUE)) %>% 
  mutate(dir_size = map_dbl(dir_info, ~sum(.x$size))) -> xdf

select(xdf, Package, dir_size) %>% 
  mutate(grp = "ROOT") %>% 
  add_row(grp = "ROOT", Package="ROOT", dir_size=0) %>% 
  select(grp, Package, dir_size) %>% 
  arrange(desc(dir_size)) -> gdf

select(gdf, -grp) %>% 
  mutate(lab = sprintf("%s\n(%s)", Package, ggalt::Mb(dir_size))) %>% 
  mutate(lab = ifelse(dir_size > 1500000, lab, "")) -> vdf

g <- graph_from_data_frame(gdf, vertices=vdf)

ggraph(g, "treemap", weight=dir_size) +
  geom_node_tile(fill="lightslategray", size=0.25) +
    aes(x, y, label=lab, size=dir_size), 
    color="#cccccc", family=font_ps, lineheight=0.875
  ) +
  scale_x_reverse(expand=c(0,0)) +
  scale_y_continuous(expand=c(0,0)) +
  scale_size_continuous(trans="sqrt", range = c(0.5, 8)) +
  ggraph::theme_graph(base_family = font_ps) +

treemap of package disk consumption


Do some wrangling with the above data and turn it into a package “disk explorer” with @timelyportfolio’s d3treeR? package.

Cover image from Data-Driven Security
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6 Comments Compute/Visualize Drive Space Consumption of Your Installed R Packages

      1. aurelien

        I guess the typo in devtools::install_github("thomasp85/igraph") might have responsible for the confusion. Easy enough to correct igraph in ggraph though. Thanks for sharing this Robert!

  1. Craig Lewis

    I received the same error: object ‘dir_size’ not found

    The source code references loading igraph from github (via devtools::install_github(“thomasp85/igraph”) this yielded a 404 error for me:
    from URL
    Installation failed: Not Found (404)

    I then tried to install ggraph from github – this installed okay but the dir_size error remained.

    Nice article – would like to get this code to run!

    1. hrbrmstr

      Try devtools::install_github("thomasp85/ggraph"). The original post had igraph vs ggraph and that was was a typo.

      I’ve run it (using that dev version) in a vanilla R session on macOS and Linux and iut worked.


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