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(this is an unrolled Twitter thread converted to the blog since one never knows how long content will be preserved anywhere anymore)

It looks like @StackPath (NetCDN[.]com redirects to them) is enabling insurrection-mongers. They’re fronting news[.]parler[.]com .

It seems they (Parler) have a second domain dicecrm[.]com with the actual content, too.

dicecrm[.]com is hosted in @awscloud, so it looks like Parler folks are smarter than Bezos’ minions. Amazon might want to take this down before it gets going (again).

They load JS via @Google tag manager (you can see in the HTML src). The GA_MEASUREMENT_ID is “G-P76KHELPLT

BGP Info for the IPs associated with the domain

In site source screenshot in the first tweet there’s a reference to twexit[.]com. DNS for it shows they also have leftwexit[.]com (which is a very odd site).

"Twexit" is being enabled by @awscloud @GoDaddy and @WordPress/@automattic plus @StackPath.

While the main page has (unsurprisingly) busted HTML, they’re using their old sitemap[.]xml — — which has a singular recent (whining) entry: http://dicecrm[.]com/updates/facebook-continues-their-confusing-hypocritical-stifling-of-free-speech-

Looks like @Shareaholic is also enabling Parler. Their “shareaholic:site_id” is “f7b53d75b2e7afdc512ea898bbbff585“.

shareaholic id capture

One of the CDN content refs is this (attached img). It’s loading content for Parler from free[ ]pressers[.]com, which is a pretty nutjob fake news site enabled by @IBMcloud (so IBM is enabling Parler as well). the free[ ]pressers Twitter is equally nutjob.

I suspect Parler is going to keep rejiggering this nutjob-fueled content network knowing that AWS, IBM (et al) won't play whack-a-mole and are rly just waiting for our collective memory and attention to fade so they can go back to making $ from divisiveness, greed, & hate.

protip: perhaps not spin up a new FQDN with such hastily-crafted garbage behind it when you know lots of very technically-resourced 👀 are on you.

Originally tweeted by (@hrbrmstr) on 2021-01-29.

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