metricsgraphics 0.8.5 is now on CRAN!

I’m super-pleased to announce that the Benevolent CRAN Overlords [accepted the metricsgraphics package]( into CRAN over the weekend. Now, you no longer need to rely on github/devtools to use [MetricsGraphics.js]( charts from your R scripts. If you’re not familiar with `htmlwidgets`, take a look at [the official site for them](

To make it easier to grok the package, I replicated many of the core [MetricsGraphics examples]( in the package [vignette]( (which is also below).

I’ll be finishing up support for all of the features of MetricsGraphics library, most importantly `POSIX[cl]t` support for time ranges in the not-too-distant future. You can drop feature requests, questions or problems [over at github](

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