An OS X R Task Runner for—and a Mini-R-centric review of—Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor

Microsoft’s newfound desire to make themselves desirable to the hipster development community has caused them to make many things [open]( and/or free of late. One of these manifestations is [Visual Studio Code](, an [Atom]( editor for us code jockeys. I have friends at Microsoft and the Revolution R folks are there now, so I try… Continue reading

Rforecastio Package Update (1.1.0)

I’ve bumped up the version number of `Rforecastio` ([github]( to `1.1.0`. The new features are: – removing the SSL certificate bypass check (it doesn’t need it anymore) – using `plyr` for easier conversion of JSON-\>data frame – adding in a new `daily` forecast data frame – roxygen2 inline documentation library(Rforecastio) library(ggplot2) library(plyr)   # NEVER… Continue reading

Slopegraph Workbench/Workshop in D3

I’ve been getting a huge uptick in views of my Slopegraphs in Python post and I think it’s due to @edwardtufte’s recent slopegraph contest announcement. The original Python code is crufty and a mess mostly due to the intermittent attention to it, wanting to reduce dependencies and hacking vs programming. I’ve been wanting to do… Continue reading

Mapping Power Outages in Maine Dynamically with Shiny/R

I decided to forego the D3 map mentioned in the previous post in favor of a Shiny one since I had 90% of the mapping code written. I binned the ranges into three groups, changed the color over to something more pleasant (with RColorBrewer), added an interactive table for the counties with outage and have… Continue reading