Making Static & Interactive Maps With ggvis (+ using ggvis maps w/shiny)

Even though it’s still at version `0.4`, the `ggvis` package has quite a bit of functionality and is highly useful for exploratory data analysis (EDA). I wanted to see how geographical visualizations would work under it, so I put together six examples that show how to use various features of `ggvis` for presenting static &… Continue reading

One More (Yet-another?) Olympic Medal Live-tracking Shiny App

I’m posting this mostly to show how to: – use the Google spreadsheet data-munging “hack” from the [previous post]( in a Shiny context – include it seamlessly into a web page, and – run it locally without a great deal of wrangling The code for the app is [in this gist]( It is unsurprisingly just… Continue reading

Mapping Power Outages in Maine Dynamically with Shiny/R

I decided to forego the D3 map mentioned in the previous post in favor of a Shiny one since I had 90% of the mapping code written. I binned the ranges into three groups, changed the color over to something more pleasant (with RColorBrewer), added an interactive table for the counties with outage and have… Continue reading