Rforecastio Package Update (1.1.0)

I’ve bumped up the version number of Rforecastio (github) to 1.1.0. The new features are: removing the SSL certificate bypass check (it doesn’t need it anymore) using plyr for easier conversion of JSON->data frame adding in a new daily forecast data frame roxygen2 inline documentation library(Rforecastio) library(ggplot2) library(plyr)   # NEVER put API keys in… Continue reading

Reverse IP Address Lookups With R (From Simple To Bulk/Asynchronous)

R lacks some of the more “utilitarian” features found in other scripting languages that were/are more geared—at least initially—towards systems administration. One of the most frustrating missing pieces for security data scientists is the lack of ability to perform basic IP address manipulations, including reverse DNS resolution (even though it has nsl() which is just… Continue reading

My Picks From #PyCon2013

While you can (and should) view all the presentations from #PyCon2013, here are my picks for the ones that interested me the most, as they focus on scaling, mapping, automation (both web & electronics) and data analysis: Chef: Why you should automate your web infrastructure by Kate Heddleston Messaging at Scale at Instagram by Rick… Continue reading