WebR 0.1.0 was released! I had been git-stalking George (the absolute genius who we all must thank for this) for a while and noticed the GH org and repos being updated earlier this week, So, I was already pretty excited. It dropped today, and you can hit that link for all the details and other… Continue reading

Roll Your Own Gist Comments Notifier in R

As I was putting together the [coord_proj](https://rud.is/b/2015/07/24/a-path-towards-easier-map-projection-machinations-with-ggplot2/) ggplot2 extension I had posted a (https://gist.github.com/hrbrmstr/363e33f74e2972c93ca7) that I shared on Twitter. Said gist received a comment (several, in fact) and a bunch of us were painfully reminded of the fact that there is no built-in way to receive notifications from said comment activity. @jennybryan posited that it… Continue reading