I Just Wanted The Data : Turning Tableau & Tidyverse Tears Into Smiles with Base R (An Encoding Detective Story)

Those outside the Colonies may not know that Payless—a national chain that made footwear affordable for millions of ‘Muricans who can’t spare $100.00 USD for a pair of shoes their 7 year old will outgrow in a year— is closing. CNBC also had a story that featured a choropleth with a tiny button at the… Continue reading

‘data:’ Scraping & Chart Reproduction : Arrows of Environmental Destruction

Today’s RSS feeds picked up this article by Marianne Sullivan, Chris Sellers, Leif Fredrickson, and Sarah Lamdanon on the woeful state of enforcement actions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While there has definitely been overreach by the EPA in the past the vast majority of its regulatory corpus is quite sane and has… Continue reading

The Evolution of Data Literacy at the U.S. Department of Energy + Finding Power Grid Cyber Attacks in a Data Haystack

I was chatting with some cyber-mates at a recent event and the topic of cyber attacks on the U.S. power-grid came up (as it often does these days). The conversation was brief, but the topic made its way into active memory and resurfaced when I saw today’s Data Is Plural newsletter which noted that “Utility… Continue reading