R⁶ — General (Attys) Distributions

Matt @stiles is a spiffy data journalist at the @latimes and he posted an interesting chart on U.S. Attorneys General longevity (given that the current US AG is on thin ice): Only Watergate and the Civil War have prompted shorter tenures as AG (if Sessions were to leave now). A daily viz: https://t.co/aJ4KDsC5kC pic.twitter.com/ZoiEV3MhGp —… Continue reading

Come Fly With Me (well, not really) — Comparing Involuntary Disembarking Rates Across U.S. Airlines in R

By now, word of the forcible deplanement of a medical professional by United has reached even the remotest of outposts in the #rstats universe. Since the news brought this practice to global attention, I found some aggregate U.S. Gov data made a quick, annual, aggregate look at this soon after the incident: Overall annual boarding… Continue reading

The Most Important Commodity in 2017 is Data

Despite being in cybersecurity nigh forever (a career that quickly turns one into a determined skeptic if you’re doing your job correctly) I have often trusted various (not to be named) news sources, reports and data sources to provide honest and as-unbiased-as-possible information. The debacle in the U.S. in late 2016 has proven (to me)… Continue reading

Slaying CIDR Orcs with Triebeard (a.k.a. fast trie-based ‘IPv4-in-CIDR’ lookups in R)

The insanely productive elf-lord, @quominus put together a small package ([`triebeard`](https://github.com/ironholds/triebeard)) that exposes an API for [radix/prefix tries](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trie) at both the R and Rcpp levels. I know he had some personal needs for this and we both kinda need these to augment some functions in our `iptools` package. Despite `triebeard` having both a vignette and… Continue reading

On Whether Y-axis Labels Are Always Necessary

The infamous @albertocairo [blogged about](http://www.thefunctionalart.com/2016/06/propublica-visualizes-seasonality-in.html) a [nice interactive piece on German company tax avoidance](https://projects.propublica.org/graphics/dividend) by @ProPublica. Here’s a snapshot of their interactive chart: ![](https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-S-8bu1UdYWM/V1rXibnBxrI/AAAAAAAAGo0/L940SpU3DvUPX90JK82jrKQN6fWMyn2IACLcB/s1600/1prop.png) Dr. Cairo (his PhD is in the bag as far as I’m concerned :-) posited: >_Isn’t it weird that the chart doesn’t have a scale on the Y-axis? It’s not the… Continue reading

Introducing a Weekly R / Python / JS / etc Vis Challenge!

>UPDATE: Deadline is now 2016-04-05 23:59 EDT; next vis challenge is 2016-04-06! Per a suggestion, I’m going to try to find a neat data set (prbly one from @jsvine) to feature each week and toss up some sample code (99% of the time prbly in R) and offer up a vis challenge. Just reply in… Continue reading