It’s [Almost] Over; Much Damage Has Been Done; But I [We] Have A Call To Unexpected Action

NOTE: There’s a unique feed URL for R/tech stuff — If you hit the generic “subscribe” button b/c the vast majority of posts have been on that, this isn’t one of those posts and you should probably delete it and move on with more important things than the rantings of silly man with a… Continue reading

For Victoria & Kyle

(one more time: sub to the #rstats feed if you’re only on the blog for #rstats/datasci items) Daughter #2 got married to a wonderful chap yesterday. I wanted to preserve the text of my speech and blessing for them here. I know it’s on their wedding video but I’d like to archive it into the… Continue reading

Moving the Shield to a new home

This week (Thanksgiving-ish, 2015) I start a new adventure at Rapid7! You can read more about why over at [the official announcement]( Rapid7 has an amazing amount of data, a world-class team and a determination to deliver cutting-edge solutions that make it possible for organizations detect and deter those that seek to do them harm…. Continue reading

New Gig!

Well, the proverbial cat is definitely out of the bag now. I’m moving on from the current gig to take a security data scientist position at Verizon Enterprise. The esteemed Wade Baker will be my new benevolent overlord and it probably isn’t a shocker that I went to the place my [co-author]( works. Wade’s got… Continue reading