This is not cool.

First it was OpenDNS selling their souls (and, [y]our data) to Cisco (whom I don’t trust at all with my data). Now, it’s Dyn — — doing something even worse (purely my own opinion). I’m currently evaluating offerings by FoolDNS & GreenTeam as alternatives and I’ll post updates as I review & test them…. Continue reading

Slaying CIDR Orcs with Triebeard (a.k.a. fast trie-based ‘IPv4-in-CIDR’ lookups in R)

The insanely productive elf-lord, @quominus put together a small package (triebeard) that exposes an API for radix/prefix tries at both the R and Rcpp levels. I know he had some personal needs for this and we both kinda need these to augment some functions in our iptools package. Despite triebeard having both a vignette and… Continue reading

Clandestine DNS lookups with gdns

Google recently announced their DNS-over-HTTPS API, which “enhances privacy and security between a client and a recursive resolver, and complements DNSSEC to provide end-to-end authenticated DNS lookups”. The REST API they provided was pretty simple to wrap into a package and I tossed in some SPF functions that I had lying around to bulk it… Continue reading

iptools 0.4.0 released into the wild (i.e. is hitting the CRAN mirrors today)

The iptools package—a toolkit for manipulating, validating and testing IP addresses and ranges, along with datasets relating to IP addresses—is flying through the internets and hitting a CRAN mirror near you, soon. What’s fixed? Tim Smith fixed a bug in ip_in_range() that occurred when the netmask was /32 (thanks, Tim!). What’s new? The range_boundaries() function… Continue reading

Beware of sideloading f.lux for iOS from files obtained on sharing/torrent sites

Apple made the @justgetflux folks remove their iOS sideloaded app due to the use of private APIs (which are a violation of the Apple Developer agreement). The ZIP archive has been pulled from their site (and it really has, too). This “sideloading”—i.e. installing directly to your device after compiling it from source—was an interesting way… Continue reading