Pym.js Library Vulnerability in widgetframe Package

What’s Up? The NPR Visuals Team created and maintains a javascript library that makes it super easy to embed iframes on web pages and have said documents still be responsive. The widgetframe R htmlwidget uses pym.js to bring this (much needed) functionality into widgets and (eventually) shiny apps. NPR reported a critical vulnerability in this… Continue reading

Armchair Quarterbacking Systemic Organization and Industry Failures

insert(post, “{ ‘standard_disclaimer’ : ‘My opinion, not my employer\’s’ }”) This is a post about the fictional company FredCo. If the context or details presented by the post seem familiar, it’s purely coincidental. This is, again, a fictional story. Let’s say FredCo had a pretty big breach that (fictionally) garnered media, Twitterverse, tech-world and Government-level… Continue reading

Rpad Domain Repurposed To Deliver Creepy (and potentially malicious) Content

I was about to embark on setting up a background task to sift through R package PDFs for traces of functions that “omit NA values” as a surprise present for Colin Fay and Sir Tierney: [Please RT]#RStats folks, @nj_tierney & I need your help for {naniar}!When does R silently drop/omit NA? — Colin… Continue reading

This is not cool.

First it was OpenDNS selling their souls (and, [y]our data) to Cisco (whom I don’t trust at all with my data). Now, it’s Dyn — — doing something even worse (purely my own opinion). I’m currently evaluating offerings by [FoolDNS]( & [GreenTeam]( as alternatives and I’ll post updates as I review & test them. I’m… Continue reading