Parler Whack-a-Mole

(this is an unrolled Twitter thread converted to the blog since one never knows how long content will be preserved anywhere anymore) It looks like @StackPath (NetCDN[.]com redirects to them) is enabling insurrection-mongers. They’re fronting news[.]parler[.]com . It seems they (Parler) have a second domain dicecrm[.]com with the actual content, too. dicecrm[.]com is hosted in… Continue reading

Nos Autem Non In Antebellum; Bella Iam Inceperat

(Leading this with the periodic warning/reminder that this blog occasionally breaks from technical content and has category-based RSS feeds which can be used to ensure one never see non-technical content.) Every decent human (which excludes 74,222,958 🇺🇸 who voted for this, now 100% undeniable, traitor) with knowledge of this past week’s tragic events is likely… Continue reading

It’s [Almost] Over; Much Damage Has Been Done; But I [We] Have A Call To Unexpected Action

NOTE: There’s a unique feed URL for R/tech stuff — If you hit the generic “subscribe” button b/c the vast majority of posts have been on that, this isn’t one of those posts and you should probably delete it and move on with more important things than the rantings of silly man with a… Continue reading

The Avatar Is Blue

I’ve changed my years-long avatar to the blue Cap’ shield because the colors of our flag have no business being displayed in any venue until Donald Trump is no longer President (one way or another). The red/white/blue triad has been coopted by an authoritarian, sociopathic puppet and is now a symbol of fear, greed, hate,… Continue reading

GDPR Unintended Consequences Part 1 — Increasing WordPress Blog Exposure

I pen this mini-tome on “GDPR Enforcement Day”. The spirit of GDPR is great, but it’s just going to be another Potempkin Village in most organizations much like PCI or SOX. For now, the only thing GDPR has done is made GDPR consulting companies rich, increased the use of javascript on web sites so they… Continue reading

A Word About Tracking On This Site

Since I just railed against Congress for being a bit two-faced about privacy I thought some site disclosure would be in order. At present, third-party tracking is limited to: Something in my WordPress configuration adding a DNS pre-fetch for There are a few more other DNS pre-fetches that I’m also going to try… Continue reading

Tragic Documentation

NOTE: If the usual aggregators are picking this up and there are humans curating said aggregators, this post is/was not intended as something to go into the “data science” aggregation sites. Just personal commentary with code in the event someone stumbles across it and wanted to double check me. These “data-dives” help me cope with… Continue reading