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It took … ms to load WebR, required packages, and the R code that powers the ops.

This is a sample VannilaJS (well, with a touch of d3 and Chart.js) WebR "dashboard" app.

You can thank AdminKit (a free Bootstrap 5 dashboard theme kit) for this example looking nicer than all the previous ones.

When "Loading…" turns green, the dashboad is ready to do.

It's displaying some hacked together "monthly visit" stats by type.

WebR does all the data work — including reading a remote CSV file. We DO NOT use {dplyr} for data ops in this one.

There is a supporting R script — https://rud.is/webr-dash/support.r with 99% of the R code that is used in this app.

There is no documentation, yet, but there are only two files to read through, and I've tried to keep source formatting breathable, and keep any of my personal JS/R shortcut hacks, which I use when riffing, to a minimum.