“LMX ot NOSJ!” Interchanging Classic Data Formats With Single blackmagic Incantations

The D.C. Universe magic hero Zatanna used spells (i.e. incantations) to battle foes and said spells were just sentences said backwards, hence the mixed up jumble in the title. But, now I’m regretting not naming the package zatanna and reversing the function names to help ensure they’re only used deliberately & carefully. You’ll see why… Continue reading

Decomposing Composers with R

The intrepid @ma_salmon cranked out another blog post, remixing classical music schedule data from Radio Swiss Classic. It’s a fun post and you should read it before continuing here. Seriously, click the link and go read it before continuing. No, I mean it. Click the link or the rest of this makes no sense ;-)… Continue reading

Cobble XPath Interactively with the xmlview Package

(If you don’t know what XML is, you should probably [read a primer](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML) before reading this post,) When working with data, one inevitably comes across things encoded in XML. I’m in the “anti-XML” camp, but deal with my fair share of XML in “cyber” and help out enough people who have to work with XML… Continue reading

New Pacakge “docxtractr” – Easily Extract Tables From Microsoft Word Docs

UPDATE: `docxtractr` is now [on CRAN](https://cran.rstudio.com/web/packages/docxtractr/index.html) ——————— This is more of a follow-up from [yesterday’s post](http://rud.is/b/2015/08/23/using-r-to-get-data-out-of-word-docs/). The hack and function in said post was fine, but it was limited to uniform tables and made you do more work than you had to. So, there’s now a `devtools`-installable package [on github](https://github.com/hrbrmstr/docxtractr) that makes it way easier… Continue reading

Roll Your Own Gist Comments Notifier in R

As I was putting together the [coord_proj](https://rud.is/b/2015/07/24/a-path-towards-easier-map-projection-machinations-with-ggplot2/) ggplot2 extension I had posted a (https://gist.github.com/hrbrmstr/363e33f74e2972c93ca7) that I shared on Twitter. Said gist received a comment (several, in fact) and a bunch of us were painfully reminded of the fact that there is no built-in way to receive notifications from said comment activity. @jennybryan posited that it… Continue reading