Getting Fit2Tcx Working on Mac OS X (10.9.x)

Andreas Diesner’s `#spiffy` [Fit2Tcx]( command-line utility is a lightweight way to convert Garmin/ANT [FIT]( files to [TCX]( for further processing. On a linux system, installing it is as simple as: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andreas-diesner/garminplugin sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install fit2tcx On a Mac OS X system, you’ll need to first grab the `tinyxml` package from… Continue reading

Reverse IP Address Lookups With R (From Simple To Bulk/Asynchronous)

R lacks some of the more “utilitarian” features found in other scripting languages that were/are more geared—at least initially—towards systems administration. One of the most frustrating missing pieces for security data scientists is the lack of ability to perform basic IP address manipulations, including reverse DNS resolution (even though it has nsl() which is just… Continue reading

Getting Homebrew Working in Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 with Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview 2

Work & home chaos has me a bit behind in the “ThinkStats…in R” posts, but I “needed” to get some of the homebrew kit working in Mountain Lion Developer Preview 2 (to run some network discovery tools while waiting for #4’s surgery to be done at the hospital). Keying off the great outline by @myobie… Continue reading