Overcoming D3 Cartographic Envy With R + ggplot

When I used one of the Scotland TopoJSON files for a [recent post](https://rud.is/b/2014/09/20/chartingmapping-the-scottish-vote-with-r-rvestdplyrtidyrtopojsonggplot/), it really hit me just how much D3 cartography envy I had/have as an R user. Don’t get me wrong, I can conjure up D3 maps pretty well [[1](http://vcdb.org/explore.html)] [[2](http://datadrivensecurity.info/blog/posts/2014/Jan/malicious-cartography-part-1/)] and the utility of an interactive map visualization goes without saying, but… Continue reading

Slopegraph Workbench/Workshop in D3

I’ve been getting a huge uptick in views of my Slopegraphs in Python post and I think it’s due to @edwardtufte’s recent slopegraph contest announcement. The original Python code is crufty and a mess mostly due to the intermittent attention to it, wanting to reduce dependencies and hacking vs programming. I’ve been wanting to do… Continue reading

Preparing For The February 2014 Book Launch

Data Driven Security launches in February 2014. @jayjacobs & I have seen half of the book in PDF form so far and it’s almost unbelievable that this journey is almost over. We setup a live Amazon “sales rank” tracker over at the book’s web site and provided some Python and JavaScript code to show folks… Continue reading