Pym.js Library Vulnerability in widgetframe Package

What’s Up? The NPR Visuals Team created and maintains a javascript library that makes it super easy to embed iframes on web pages and have said documents still be responsive. The widgetframe R htmlwidget uses pym.js to bring this (much needed) functionality into widgets and (eventually) shiny apps. NPR reported a critical vulnerability in this… Continue reading

Capturing wild widgets with webshot

NOTE: you won’t need to use this function if you use the [development version]( of `knitr` Winston Chang released his [`webshot`]( package to CRAN this past week. The package wraps the immensely useful [`phantomjs`]( utility and makes it dirt simple to capture whole or partial web pages in R. One beautiful bonus feature of `webshot`… Continue reading

Create Vega-Lite specs & widgets with the vegalite package

[Vega-Lite]( 1.0 was [released this past week]( I had been meaning to play with it for a while but I’ve been burned before by working with unstable APIs and was waiting for this to bake to a stable release. Thankfully, there were no new shows in the Fire TV, Apple TV or Netflix queues, enabling… Continue reading

Cobble XPath Interactively with the xmlview Package

(If you don’t know what XML is, you should probably [read a primer]( before reading this post,) When working with data, one inevitably comes across things encoded in XML. I’m in the “anti-XML” camp, but deal with my fair share of XML in “cyber” and help out enough people who have to work with XML… Continue reading