Introducing the streamgraph htmlwidget R Package

We were looking for a different type of visualization for a project at work this past week and my thoughts immediately gravitated towards [streamgraphs]( The TLDR on streamgraphs is they they are generalized versions of stacked area graphs with free baselines across the x axis. They are somewhat [controversial]( but have a “draw you in”… Continue reading

New release (0.7) of metricsgraphics htmlwidget — grids & rollovers

I’ve updated my [metricsgraphics]( package to version [0.7]( The core [MetricsGraphics]( JavaScript library has been updated to version 2.1.0 (from 1.1.0). Two blog-worthy features since releasing version 0.5 are `mjs_grid` (which is a `grid.arrange`-like equivalent for `metricsgraphics` plots and `mjs_add_rollover` which lets you add your own custom rollover text to the plots. ### The Grid… Continue reading

New R Package: metricsgraphics

Mozilla released the [MetricsGraphics.js library]( back in November of 2014 ([gh repo]( and was greeted with great fanfare. It’s primary focus is on crisp, clean layouts for interactive time-series data, but they have support for other chart types as well (though said support is far from comprehensive). I had been pondering building an R package… Continue reading

Charting/Mapping the Scottish Vote with R (an rvest/dplyr/tidyr/TopoJSON/ggplot tutorial)

The BBC did a pretty good job [live tracking the Scotland secession vote](, but I really didn’t like the color scheme they chose and decided to use the final tally site as the basis for another tutorial using the tools from the Hadleyverse and taking advantage of the fact that newer `gdal` libraries can read… Continue reading

Slopegraph Workbench/Workshop in D3

I’ve been getting a huge uptick in views of my Slopegraphs in Python post and I think it’s due to @edwardtufte’s recent slopegraph contest announcement. The original Python code is crufty and a mess mostly due to the intermittent attention to it, wanting to reduce dependencies and hacking vs programming. I’ve been wanting to do… Continue reading