Get by with a little (R) help from your friends (at GitHub)

@JennyBryan posted her [slides from the 2015 R Summit]( and they are a must-read for instructors and even general stats/R-folk. She’s one of the foremost experts in R+GitHub and her personal and class workflows provide solid patterns worth emulation. One thing she has mentioned a few times—and included in her R Summit talk—is the idea… Continue reading

New R Package: metricsgraphics

Mozilla released the [MetricsGraphics.js library]( back in November of 2014 ([gh repo]( and was greeted with great fanfare. It’s primary focus is on crisp, clean layouts for interactive time-series data, but they have support for other chart types as well (though said support is far from comprehensive). I had been pondering building an R package… Continue reading

Use Fluid On MacOS To Build Per-RStudio Server “Dedicated” Clients

I’m jumping around analytics environments these days and have to leave the comfort of my Mac’s RStudio Desktop application to use various RStudio Server instances via browser. While I prefer to use Chrome, the need to have a “dedicated” RStudio Server client outweighs the utility of my favorite browser. This is where Fluid (@FluidApp by… Continue reading