Getting Fit2Tcx Working on Mac OS X (10.9.x)

Andreas Diesner’s `#spiffy` [Fit2Tcx]( command-line utility is a lightweight way to convert Garmin/ANT [FIT]( files to [TCX]( for further processing. On a linux system, installing it is as simple as: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andreas-diesner/garminplugin sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install fit2tcx On a Mac OS X system, you’ll need to first grab the `tinyxml` package from… Continue reading

Use Fluid On MacOS To Build Per-RStudio Server “Dedicated” Clients

I’m jumping around analytics environments these days and have to leave the comfort of my Mac’s RStudio Desktop application to use various RStudio Server instances via browser. While I prefer to use Chrome, the need to have a “dedicated” RStudio Server client outweighs the utility of my favorite browser. This is where Fluid (@FluidApp by… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python

(NOTE: You can keep up with progress best at github, but can always search on “slopegraph” here or just hit the tag page: “slopegraph” regularly) I’ve been a bit obsessed with slopegraphs (a.k.a “Tufte table-chart”) of late and very dissatisfied with the lack of tools to make this particular visualization tool more prevalent. While my… Continue reading