quotebox – An NPR-like Embedded Twitter Quote Generator

I’m an avid NPR listener also follow a number of their programs and people on Twitter. I really dig their [quotable](https://github.com/nprapps/quotable) tweets. Here’s a sample of a recent one: Minn. state senators cannot look other senators in the eye during floor debate. @ailsachang http://t.co/SfQBq4yyHQ pic.twitter.com/DNHGEiVA9j — NPR News (@nprnews) May 8, 2015 I asked @brianboyer… Continue reading

nizdos – Nest Thermometer Notifications And Data Logging In Python

I’ve had a Nest thermometer for a while now and it’s been an overall positive experience. It’s given me more visibility into our heating/cooling system usage, patterns and preferences; plus, it actually saved us money last winter. We try to avoid running the A/C during the summer, and it would have been really helpful if… Continue reading

My Picks From #PyCon2013

While you can (and should) view [all the presentations](https://speakerdeck.com/pyconslides) from #PyCon2013, here are my picks for the ones that interested me the most, as they focus on scaling, mapping, automation (both web & electronics) and data analysis: – [Chef: Why you should automate your web infrastructure](https://speakerdeck.com/pyconslides/chef-why-you-should-automate-your-web-infrastructure-by-kate-heddleston) by Kate Heddleston – [Messaging at Scale at Instagram](https://speakerdeck.com/pyconslides/messaging-at-scale-at-instagram-by-rick-branson)… Continue reading