Businessweek’s #Spiffy Rank-order Stock Market Slopegraph

Businessweek’s bleeding-edge approach to typography, layout and overall design is one of the features that keeps me reading the magazine in print form. The design team also often delves into experiments with data visualization and short-form infographics and the most recent issue (Sept 3, 2012) is no exception. Given my proclivity towards slopegraphs, I felt… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – Failed States Index (Part 1)

The Fund For Peace (FFP) and Foreign Policy jointly released the 2012 version of the “failed states index” (FSI). From the FFP site, the FSI: …focuses on the indicators of risk and is based on thousands of articles and reports that are processed by our CAST Software from electronically available sources. I read it every… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – Formatting Tweaks

There were enough eye-catching glitches in the experimental javascript support and the ugly large-number display in the spam example post that I felt compelled to make a couple formatting tweaks in the code. I also didn’t have time to do “real” work on the codebase this weekend. So, along with spacing adjustments, there’s now an… Continue reading

Slopegraphs Everywhere

Not much progress over the weekend on my latest obsession (been busy enjoying some non-rainy days here in Maine). So, here are some other slopegraph implementations/resources I’ve found through mining the internets: A spiffy editable javascript implementation defensive slopegraphs slopegraphs in tableau an interesting d3 implementation another javascript implementation an R table-graph (original name for… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – Experimental Raphaël Support

In preparation for the upcoming 1.0 release and with the hopes of laying a foundation for more interactive slopegraphs, I threw together some rudimentary output support over lunch today for Raphaël, which means that all you have to do is generate a new slopegraph with the “js” output type and include the salient portions of… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – Log Scales & Spam Data Analysis

Given the focus on actual development of the PySlopegraph tool in most of the blog posts of late, folks may be wondering why an infosec/inforisk guy is obsessing so much on a tool and not talking security. Besides the fixation on filling a void and promoting an underused visualization tool, I do believe there is… Continue reading