Slopegraphs in Python – Experimental Raphaël Support

In preparation for the upcoming 1.0 release and with the hopes of laying a foundation for more interactive slopegraphs, I threw together some rudimentary output support over lunch today for Raphaël, which means that all you have to do is generate a new slopegraph with the “js” output type and include the salient portions of… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – Log Scales & Spam Data Analysis

Given the focus on actual development of the PySlopegraph tool in most of the blog posts of late, folks may be wondering why an infosec/inforisk guy is obsessing so much on a tool and not talking security. Besides the fixation on filling a void and promoting an underused visualization tool, I do believe there is… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – Exploring Binning/Rounding

One of the last items for the 1.0 release is support for multiple columns of data. That will require some additional refactoring, so I’ve been procrastinating by exploring the recent “fudging” discovery. Despite claims to the contrary on other sites, there are more folks playing with slopegraphs than you might imagine. The inspiration for today’s… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python – More Output Tweaks

The best way to explain this release will be to walk you through an updated configuration file: { "label_font_family" : "Palatino","label_font_size" : "9", "header_font_family" : "Palatino","header_font_size" : "10", "x_margin" : "20","y_margin" : "30", "line_width" : "0.5", "slope_length" : "150", "labels" : [ "1970", "1979" ], "header_color" : "000000","background_color" : "FFFFFF","label_color" : "111111","value_color" : "999999","slope_color" : "AAAAAA", "value_format_string" : "%2d", "input" : "receipts.csv","output" : "receipts","format"… Continue reading

Slopegraphs – The Quintessential Tufte GDP Example Revisited

If you’re even remotely familiar with slopegraphs, then you’ll recognize Tufte’s classic 1970-1979 GDP chart example (click for larger version): What you may not notice initially, however, is that Tufte — well — cheated. Yes, I said it. Cheated. I can show it by zooming into the “Belgium/Canada/Finland” grouping in the left column: The value “35.2”… Continue reading