QuickLookR – A macOS QuickLook plugin for R Data files

I had tried to convert my data-saving workflows to [`feather`](https://github.com/wesm/feather/tree/master/R) but there have been [issues](https://github.com/wesm/feather/issues/155) with it supporting large files (that seem to be near resolution), so I’ve been continuing to use R Data files for local saving of processed/cleaned data. I make _many_ of these files and sometimes I do it as a one-off… Continue reading

“Flatten” HTML Content (i.e strip tags) in Cocoa/Objective-C [UPDATED] [BUG-FIX]

One of my most popular blog posts — 24,000 reads — in the old, co-mingled site was a short snippet on how to strip HTML tags from a block of content in Objective-C. It’s been used by many-an-iOS developer (which was the original intent). An intrepid reader & user (“Brian” – no other attribution available)… Continue reading