WEIS 2011 :: Session 2 :: Identity :: Negative Information Looms Longer Than Positive Information

Laura Brandimarte Alessandro Acquisti Joachin Vosgerau Twitter transcript #weis2011 How does information related to past events and retrieved today get discounted? Why does neg valence receive more weight? #weis2011 how do we improve trustworthyness? #weis2011 “designers of modern tech do not understand human fallibility and design systems w/o taking them into account” < true #weis2011... Continue reading

WEIS 2011 :: Session 2 :: Identity :: Social Networks, Personalized Advertising & Privacy Controls

Catherine Tucker Presentation [PDF] Catherine’s talk was really good. She handled questions well and is a very dynamic speaker. I’m looking forward to the paper. Twitter transcript #weis2011 Premise of the study was to see what impact privacy controls enablement/usage have on advertising. It’s an empirical study #data! #weis2011 click through rates DOUBLED for personalized… Continue reading