WEIS 2011 :: Session 1 :: Attacks :: Where Do All The Attacks Go?

Dinei Florncio Cormac Herley Presentation [PDF] Twitter transcript #weis2011 New threat model (that may scale). Rather than use individual users & attackers, use population of users, pop of attackers #weis2011 assumption/proposition: attacker attacks when Expected{gain} > Expected{loss} #weis2011 (me) more good math on the slides. using the populations, they made a probability model to predict… Continue reading

Quick Hits :: 2011-01-07

Security Smart Servers spot & block botnet attacks [NewScientist] Passwords are *so* 2010 – Building the ultimate bad arse CUDA cracking server… [SecManiac] Programming Interesting points/counterpoints on the efficacy of Node.js being tied so closely to the V8 javascript engine: NodeJS: To V8 or not to V8 [bruno fernandez-ruiz] On Bruno’s Concern About the Current… Continue reading