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Feedburner has borked the old RSS feed for the site and has completely disassociated me from it (meaning it’s no longer in my Google Feedburner admin options and they won’t let me re-claim it). So… the new feed link is http://rud.is/b/feed/atom/. Apologies for any inconvenience.

WEIS 2011 :: Session 2 :: Identity :: Negative Information Looms Longer Than Positive Information

Laura Brandimarte Alessandro Acquisti Joachin Vosgerau Twitter transcript #weis2011 How does information related to past events and retrieved today get discounted? Why does neg valence receive more weight? #weis2011 how do we improve trustworthyness? #weis2011 “designers of modern tech do not understand human fallibility and design systems w/o taking them into account” < true #weis2011... Continue reading

WEIS 2011 :: Session 2 :: Identity :: Social Networks, Personalized Advertising & Privacy Controls

Catherine Tucker Presentation [PDF] Catherine’s talk was really good. She handled questions well and is a very dynamic speaker. I’m looking forward to the paper. Twitter transcript #weis2011 Premise of the study was to see what impact privacy controls enablement/usage have on advertising. It’s an empirical study #data! #weis2011 click through rates DOUBLED for personalized… Continue reading