USDA Driving Towards Both Food Insecurity And Cyber-Insecurity?

It’s rare that two of my passions—food and information security—intersect, but thanks to the USDA’s announcement of their Blueprint For Stronger Service, I can touch on both in one post. In 2011, the Obama administration challenged all departments to reduce costs in a effort dubbed the “Campaign to Cut Waste“. In response, the USDA has… Continue reading

WEIS 2011 :: Session 1 :: Attacks :: The Underground Economy of Fake Antivirus Software

Brett Stone-Gross Ryan Abman Richard A. Kemmerer Christopher Kruegel Douglas G Steigerwald Presentation [PDF] Twitter transcript #weis2011 presenting analysis of *actual* data from 21 servers from 3 multi-million $ fake a/v ops!!! < #spiffy #weis2011 showing example of fake a/v exploit that was embedded in HTML. good walkthrough. useful slides for an orgs tech ed/brown... Continue reading