Some Light Image Processing & Creation With R

>UPDATE: I rejiggered the function to actually now, y’know, do what it says it should do :-) A friend, we’ll call him _Alen_ put a call out for some function that could take an image and produce a per-row “histogram” along the edge for the number of filled-in points. That requirement eventually scope-creeped to wanting… Continue reading

Capturing wild widgets with webshot

NOTE: you won’t need to use this function if you use the [development version]( of `knitr` Winston Chang released his [`webshot`]( package to CRAN this past week. The package wraps the immensely useful [`phantomjs`]( utility and makes it dirt simple to capture whole or partial web pages in R. One beautiful bonus feature of `webshot`… Continue reading

quotebox – An NPR-like Embedded Twitter Quote Generator

I’m an avid NPR listener also follow a number of their programs and people on Twitter. I really dig their [quotable]( tweets. Here’s a sample of a recent one: Minn. state senators cannot look other senators in the eye during floor debate. @ailsachang — NPR News (@nprnews) May 8, 2015 I asked @brianboyer… Continue reading