52Vis Week 2 (2016 Week #14) – Honing in on the Homeless

>UPDATE: Since I put in a “pull request” requirement, I intended to put in a link to getting started with GitHub. Dr. Jenny Bryan’s @stat545 has a great [section on git](https://stat545-ubc.github.io/git00_index.html) that should hopefully make it a bit less painful. ### Why 52Vis? In case folks are wondering why I’m doing this, it’s pretty simple…. Continue reading

Introducing a Weekly R / Python / JS / etc Vis Challenge!

>UPDATE: Deadline is now 2016-04-05 23:59 EDT; next vis challenge is 2016-04-06! Per a suggestion, I’m going to try to find a neat data set (prbly one from @jsvine) to feature each week and toss up some sample code (99% of the time prbly in R) and offer up a vis challenge. Just reply in… Continue reading

Easier Composite U.S. Choropleths with albersusa

Folks who’ve been tracking this blog on R-bloggers probably remember [this post](https://rud.is/b/2014/11/16/moving-the-earth-well-alaska-hawaii-with-r/) where I showed how to create a composite U.S. map with an Albers projection (which is commonly referred to as AlbersUSA these days thanks to D3). I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this earlier, but you don’t _need_ to do those… Continue reading

Nuclear Animations in R

> UPDATE: For #rstats folks interested in what this might look like in D3, [take a gander](https://rud.is/b/2016/03/27/nuclear-animations-in-d3/) @jsvine (Data Editor at BuzzFeed) cleaned up and posted a [data sets of historical nuclear explosions](https://github.com/data-is-plural/nuclear-explosions) earlier this week. I used it to show a few plotting examples in class, but it’s also a really fun data set… Continue reading

Using ProPublica “statefaces” in ggplot2

UPDATE: The dev version of ggalt has a new geom_stateface() which encapsulates the tedious bits and also included the TTF font. I’m a huge fan of ProPublica. They have a super-savvy tech team, great reporters, awesome graphics folks and excel at data-driven journalism. Plus, they give away virtually everything, including data, text, graphics & tools…. Continue reading