Your data vis “Spidey-sense” & the need for a robust “utility belt”

@theboysmithy did a [great piece]( on coming up with an alternate view for a timeline for an FT piece. Here’s an excerpt (read the whole piece, though, it’s worth it): Here is an example from a story recently featured in the FT: emerging- market populations are expected to age more rapidly than those in developed… Continue reading

On Whether Y-axis Labels Are Always Necessary

The infamous @albertocairo [blogged about]( a [nice interactive piece on German company tax avoidance]( by @ProPublica. Here’s a snapshot of their interactive chart: ![]( Dr. Cairo (his PhD is in the bag as far as I’m concerned :-) posited: >_Isn’t it weird that the chart doesn’t have a scale on the Y-axis? It’s not the… Continue reading

New viridis & colorbrewer palettes for ipv4-heatmap

It’s no seekrit that I :heart: Hilbert curve heatmaps of IPv4 space. Real-world IPv4 maps (i.e. the ones that drop dots on the Earth) have little utility, but with Hilbert curves maps of IPv4 space many different topologies can be superimposed (from ASNs to—if need be—geographic locations). Plus, there’s more opportunity to find patterns by… Continue reading

Global Temperature Change in R & D3 (without the vertigo)

This made the rounds on social media last week: Spiraling global temperatures from 1850-2016 (full animation) — Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins) May 9, 2016 One of the original versions was static and was not nearly as popular, but—as you can see—this one went viral. Despite the public’s infatuation with circles (I’m lookin’ at you,… Continue reading

(ggplot2) Exercising with (ggalt) dumbbells

I follow the most excellent Pew Research folks on Twitter to stay in tune with what’s happening (statistically speaking) with the world. Today, they tweeted this excerpt from their 2015 Global Attitudes survey: The age gap in social media use around the world — PewResearch Internet (@pewinternet) April 17, 2016 I thought it… Continue reading

52Vis Week #3 – Waste Not, Want Not

The Wall Street Journal did a project piece [a while back]( in the _”Waste Lands: America’s Forgotten Nuclear Legacy”_. They dug through [Department of Energy]( and [CDC]( data to provide an overview of the lingering residue of this toxic time in America’s past (somehow, I have to believe the fracking phenomena of our modern era… Continue reading

52 Vis Week 1 Winners!

The response to 52Vis has exceeded expectations and there have been great entries for both weeks. It’s time to award some prizes! ### Week 1 – Send in the Drones I’ll take [this week]( in comment submission order (remember, the rules changed to submission via PR in Week 2). NOTE: WordPress seems to have “eaten”… Continue reading