Adding a CRAN Search Engine to Chrome

Riffing off of [the previous post](, here’s a way to quickly search CRAN (the @RStudio flavor) from the Chrome search bar. – Paste `chrome://settings/searchEngines` into your location bar and hit return/enter – Scroll down until the input boxes show, enabling you to add a search engine – For _”Add a new search engine”_ put “`CRAN`”… Continue reading

Alternative to Grouped Bar Charts in R

The #spiffy @dseverski gave me this posit the other day: Hey, @hrbrmstr, doughnut chart aside, how would you approach the first graph at Bump chart? Trend line? Leave as is? — David F. Severski (@dseverski) October 25, 2013 and, I obliged shortly thereafter, but figured I’d toss a post up on the blog before… Continue reading

Chrome App for Tiny Tiny RSS

I’m still getting my self-hosted [Tiny Tiny RSS]( configuration just the way I want it prior to doing a full blog post on it, but I thought it would be helpful to share a basic Chrome App for it. I ended up creating it to replace the Google Reader Chrome App icon. Making these “Chrome… Continue reading