Slopegraph As A Service

@adammontville posited that Figure 15 from this year’s DBIR could use some slopegraph love. As I am not one to back down from a reasonable challenge, I obliged. Here’s the original chart (produced by @jayjacobs): and, here’s a very quick slopegraph version of it: You can click on both/either for a larger version. If I […]

Businessweek’s #Spiffy Rank-order Stock Market Slopegraph

Businessweek’s bleeding-edge approach to typography, layout and overall design is one of the features that keeps me reading the magazine in print form. The design team also often delves into experiments with data visualization and short-form infographics and the most recent issue (Sept 3, 2012) is no exception. Given my proclivity towards slopegraphs, I felt […]