2017. Quantified. In. R.

2017 is nearly at an end. We humans seem to need these cycles to help us on our path forward and have, throughout history, used these annual demarcation points as a time of reflection of what was, what is an what shall come next. To that end, I decided it was about time to help… Continue reading

New Package swatches is Now on CRAN

It’s been a long time coming, but swatches? is now on CRAN. What is “swatches”? First off, swatches has nothing to do with those faux-luxury brand Swiss-made timepieces. swatches is all about color. R/CRAN has plenty of color picking packages. The colourlovers? ? by @thosjleeper is one of my favs. But, color palettes have been… Continue reading

uBlock Filters for New GitHub Activity Feed

GitHub (2017-12-21 post-time) started adding obnoxious boxes to their activity feed. I use that to discover new projects/developers. While I also have it in RSS and that’s nice and compact, I do browse the activity feed directly. Those giant boxes had to go. If you’ve got uBlock installed, these rules filter them out: