voteogram Is Now On CRAN

Earlier this year, I made a package that riffed off of ProPublica’s really neat voting cartograms (maps) for the U.S. House and Senate. You can see one for disaster relief spending in the House and one for the ACA “Skinny Repeal” in the Senate. We can replicate both here with the voteogram package (minus the… Continue reading

For Victoria & Kyle

(one more time: sub to the #rstats feed if you’re only on the blog for #rstats/datasci items) Daughter #2 got married to a wonderful chap yesterday. I wanted to preserve the text of my speech and blessing for them here. I know it’s on their wedding video but I’d like to archive it into the… Continue reading

Statebins Reimagined

A long time ago, in a github repo far, far away there lived a tiny package that made it possible to create equal area, square U.S. state cartograms in R dubbed statebins?. Three years have come and gone and — truth be told — I’ve never been happy with that package. It never felt “right”… Continue reading