New R Package For HTTP Headers Hashing

HTTP Headers Hashing (HHHash) is a technique developed by Alexandre Dulaunoy to gen­erate a fingerprint of an HTTP server based on the headers it returns. It employs one-way hashing to generate a hash value from the list of header keys returned by the server. The HHHash value is calculated by concatenating the list of headers… Continue reading

🧪 Lit + WebR + Observable Plot: Linking Lit’s Lightweight Web Components And WebR For Vanilla JS Reactivity & JS DataVis

See it live before reading! The previous post brought lit-webr, to introduce Lit and basic reactivity. Today, is more of the same, but we bring the OG Shiny demo plot into the modern age by using Observbable Plot to make the charts. We’re still pulling data from R, but we’re letting Plot do all the… Continue reading