Wicked Fast, Accurate Quantiles Using ‘t-Digests’ in R with the {tdigest} Package

@ted_dunning recently updated the t-Digest algorithm he created back in 2013. What is this “t-digest”? Fundamentally, it is a probabilistic data structure for estimating any percentile of distributed/streaming data. Ted explains it quite elegantly in this short video: Said video has a full transcript as well. T-digests have been baked into many “big data” analytics… Continue reading

Rome Was Not Built In A Day But widgetcard Was!

I saw a second post on turning htmlwidgets into interactive Twitter Player cards and felt somewhat compelled to make creating said entities a bit easier so posited the following: Wld this be useful packaged up, #rstats?https://t.co/sfqlWnEeJVhttps://t.co/troKzmzTNv (TLDR/V: Single function to turn an HTML widget into a deployable interactive Twitter card) pic.twitter.com/uahB52YfE2 — boB Rudis (@hrbrmstr)… Continue reading