100% Stacked Chicklets

I posted a visualization of email safety status (a.k.a. DMARC) of the Fortune 500 (2017 list) the other day on Twitter and received this spiffy request from @MarkAltosaar: Would you be willing to add the R code used to produce this to your vignette for ggchicklet? I would love to see how you arranged the… Continue reading

RSwitch 1.5.1 Released

An RSwitch user, lcolladotor filed a most-welcome issue letting me know that the core functionality of the switcher was busted 😱. After testing out the 1.5.1 release candidate I had made a “harmless” & “clever” change to reduce some redundancy in the code that handled with switching which resulted in busted symbolic link creation. Tis… Continue reading

RSwitch 1.5.0 Release Now Also Corrals RStudio Server Connections

RSwitch is a macOS menubar application that works on macOS 10.14+ and provides handy shortcuts for developing with R on macOS. Version 1.5.0 brings a reorganized menu system and the ability to manage and make connections to RStudio Server instances. Here’s a quick peek at the new setup: All books, links, and other reference resources… Continue reading

September 2019 Democratic Debates Added to {ggchicklet}

The latest round of the 2020 Democratic debates is over and the data from all the 2019 editions of the debates have been added to {ggchicklet}. The structure of the debates2019 built-in dataset has changed a bit: library(ggchicklet) library(hrbrthemes) library(tidyverse) debates2019 ## # A tibble: 641 x 7 ## elapsed timestamp speaker topic debate_date debate_group… Continue reading

RSwitch 1.4.1 Released

A minor update to RSwitch has been released. Apart from some internal code reorganization there are three user-facing changes. First, RSwitch is now notarized! That means you won’t get a notice about it being from an “unidentified developer” nor will folks on Catalina see a warning about unable to check the download for malware. You… Continue reading

RSwitch 1.4.0 Released

Swift 5 has been so much fun to hack on that there’s a new update to macOS R-focused mebubar utility RSwitch available. Along with the app comes a new dedicated RSwitch landing page and a new user’s guide since it has enough features to warrant such documentation. Here’s the new menu The core changes/additions include:… Continue reading

Improvements to RSwitch in v1.3.0

It’s only been a couple days since the initial version of my revamped take on RSwitch but there have been numerous improvements since then worth mentioning. For starters, there’s a new app icon that uses the blue and gray from the official (modern) R logo to help visually associate it with R: In similar fashion,… Continue reading