Making a Case for case_when

This is a brief (and likely obvious, for some folks) post on the dplyr::case_when() function. Part of my work-work is dealing with data from internet scans. When we’re performing a deeper inspection of a particular internet protocol or service we try to capture as much system and service metadata as possible. Sifting through said metadata… Continue reading

hrbrthemes 0.1.0 is now on CRAN

I’m pleased to announce the inaugural release of my hrbrthemes (0.1.0) package on CRAN The primary goal of said package is to provide opinionated typographical and other aesthetic defaults for ggplot2 charts. Two core themes are included: theme_ipsum() – an Arial Narrow-based theme theme_ipsum_rc() – a Roboto Condensed-based theme. The Roboto Condensed Google Font comes… Continue reading

On Watering Holes, Trust, Defensible Systems and Data Science Community Security

I’ve been threatening to do a series on “data science community security” for a while and had cause to issue this inaugural post today. It all started with this: Hey #rstats folks: don't do this. Srsly. Don't do this. Pls. Will blog why. Just don't do this.— boB Rudis (@hrbrmstr) February 23, 2017 Let… Continue reading

Putting It All Together

The kind folks over at @RStudio gave a nod to my recently CRAN-released epidata package in their January data package roundup and I thought it might be useful to give it one more showcase using the recent CRAN update to ggalt and the new hrbrthemes (github-only for now) packages. Labor force participation rate The U.S…. Continue reading

ggalt 0.4.0 now on CRAN

I’m uncontainably excited to report that the ggplot2 extension package ggalt is now on CRAN. The absolute best part of this package is the R community members who contributed suggestions and new geoms, stats, annotations and integration features. This release would not be possible without the PRs from: Ben Bolker Ben Marwick Jan Schulz Carson… Continue reading