Getting Into the Rhythm of Chart Typography with {ragg} and {hrbragg} (a.k.a. It’s {ragg}-time}

Horrible puns aside, hopefully everyone saw the news, earlier this week, from @thomasp85 on the evolution of modern typographic capabilities in the R ecosystem. Thomas (and some cohorts) has been working on {systemfonts}, {ragg}, and {textshaping} for quite a while now, and the — shall we say tidyglyphs ecosystem — is super-ready for prime time…. Continue reading

Extracting Heart Rate Data (Two Ways!) from Apple Health XML Export Files Using R (a.k.a. The Least Romantic Valentine’s Day R Post Ever)

💙 Expand for EKG code library(hrbrthemes) library(elementalist) # remotes::install_github(“teunbrand/elementalist”) library(ggplot2) read_csv( file = “~/Data/apple_health_export/electrocardiograms/ecg_2020-09-24.csv”, # this is extracted below skip = 12, col_names = “µV” ) %>% mutate( idx = 1:n() ) -> ekg ggplot() + geom_line_theme( data = ekg %>% tail(3000) %>% head(2500), aes(idx, µV), size = 0.125, color = “#cb181d” ) + labs(x… Continue reading

Fully Native M1/Apple Silicon R Setup

Presented without much commentary since I stopped once {ggrepel} and {graphlayouts} failed (RStudio doesn’t support it yet, either, which I knew). The following steps will get you a fully working and STUPID FAST fully native ARM64 M1/Apple Silicon R setup with {tidyverse} and {rJava}. Just remember, that if you need RStudio (or anything that links… Continue reading

Amazon Athena {dbplyr} Implicit Usage of Presto Functions and Making JSON Casting Great Again

I was chatting with a fellow Amazon Athena user and the topic of using Presto functions such as approx_distinct() via {d[b]plyr} came up and it seems it might not be fully common knowledge that any non-already translated function is passed to the destination intact. That means you can just “use” approx_distinct() and it will work… Continue reading

Parler Whack-a-Mole

(this is an unrolled Twitter thread converted to the blog since one never knows how long content will be preserved anywhere anymore) It looks like @StackPath (NetCDN[.]com redirects to them) is enabling insurrection-mongers. They’re fronting news[.]parler[.]com . It seems they (Parler) have a second domain dicecrm[.]com with the actual content, too. dicecrm[.]com is hosted in… Continue reading

Making It Easier To Experiment With Compiled Swift Code In R

The past two posts have (lightly) introduced how to use compiled Swift code in R, but they’ve involved a bunch of “scary” command line machinations and incantations. One feature of {Rcpp} I’ve always 💙 is the cppFunction() (“r-lib” zealots have a similar cpp11::cpp_function()) which lets one experiment with C[++] code in R with as little… Continue reading