Quick Hit: Using seymour to Subscribe to your Git[la|hu]b Repo Issues in Feedly

The seymour? Feedly API package has been updated to support subscribing to RSS/Atom feeds. Previously the package was intended to just treat your Feedly as a data source, but there was a compelling use case for enabling subscription support: subscribing to code repository issues. Sure, there’s already email notice integration for repository issues on most… Continue reading

splashr 0.6.0 Now Uses the CRAN-nascent stevedore Package for Docker Orchestration

The splashr package [srht|GL|GH] — an alternative to Selenium for javascript-enabled/browser-emulated web scraping — is now at version 0.6.0 (still in dev-mode but on its way to CRAN in the next 14 days). The major change from version 0.5.x (which never made it to CRAN) is a swap out of the reticulated docker package with… Continue reading

Waffle Geoms & Other Miscellaneous In-Development Package Updates

More than just sergeant has been hacked on recently, so here’s a run-down of various ? updates: waffle The square pie chart generating waffle? package now contains a nascent geom_waffle() so you can do things like this: library(hrbrthemes) library(waffle) library(tidyverse) tibble( parts = factor(rep(month.abb[1:3], 3), levels=month.abb[1:3]), values = c(10, 20, 30, 6, 14, 40, 30,… Continue reading

On the Road to 0.8.0 — Some Additional New Features Coming in the sergeant Package

It was probably not difficult to discern from my previous Drill-themed post that I’m fairly excited about the Apache Drill 1.15.0 release. I’ve rounded out most of the existing corners for it in preparation for a long-overdue CRAN update and have been concentrating on two helper features: configuring & launching Drill embedded Docker containers and… Continue reading

‘data:’ Scraping & Chart Reproduction : Arrows of Environmental Destruction

Today’s RSS feeds picked up this article by Marianne Sullivan, Chris Sellers, Leif Fredrickson, and Sarah Lamdanon on the woeful state of enforcement actions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While there has definitely been overreach by the EPA in the past the vast majority of its regulatory corpus is quite sane and has… Continue reading