U.S. Drought Animations with the “Witch’s Brew” (purrr + broom + magick)

This is another purrr-focused post but it’s also an homage to the nascent magick package (R interface to ImageMagick) by @opencpu. We’re starting to see/feel the impact of the increasing drought up here in southern Maine. I’ve used the data from the U.S. Drought Monitor before on the blog, but they also provide shapefiles and… Continue reading

Use quick formula functions in purrr::map (+ base vs tidtyverse idiom comparisons/examples)

I’ve converted the vast majority of my *apply usage over to purrr functions. In an attempt to make this a quick post, I’ll refrain from going into all the benefits of the purrr package. Instead, I’ll show just one thing that’s super helpful: formula functions. After seeing this Quartz article using a visualization to compare… Continue reading

Mid-year R Packages Update Summary

I been updating some existing packages and github-releasing new ones (before a CRAN push). Most are “cyber”-related, but there are some general purpose ones. Here’s a quick overview: docxtractr (CRAN, now, v0.2.0) was initially designed to make it easy to get data tables out of MS Word (docx) documents. The update removes use of a… Continue reading

Slaying CIDR Orcs with Triebeard (a.k.a. fast trie-based ‘IPv4-in-CIDR’ lookups in R)

The insanely productive elf-lord, @quominus put together a small package (triebeard) that exposes an API for radix/prefix tries at both the R and Rcpp levels. I know he had some personal needs for this and we both kinda need these to augment some functions in our iptools package. Despite triebeard having both a vignette and… Continue reading