The Devil’s in the [Davos] Details — A quick look at this year’s WEF Global Risks Report

It’s Davos time again. Each year the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathers the global elite together to discuss how they’re going to shape our collective future. WEF also releases their annual Global Risks Report at the same time. I read it every year and have, in the past, borrowed some risk communication visualization idioms from… Continue reading

The Most Important Commodity in 2017 is Data

Despite being in cybersecurity nigh forever (a career that quickly turns one into a determined skeptic if you’re doing your job correctly) I have often trusted various (not to be named) news sources, reports and data sources to provide honest and as-unbiased-as-possible information. The debacle in the U.S. in late 2016 has proven (to me)… Continue reading