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An OS X R Task Runner for—and a Mini-R-centric review of—Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Editor

Microsoft’s newfound desire to make themselves desirable to the hipster development community has caused them to make many things open and/or free of late. One of these manifestations is Visual Studio Code, an Atom-ish editor for us code jockeys. I have friends at Microsoft and the Revolution R folks are there now, so I try […]

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Using MonetDB[Lite] with real-world CSV files

MonetDBLite (for R) was announced/released today and, while the examples they provide are compelling there’s a “gotcha” for potential new folks using SQL in general and SQL + MonetDB + R together. The toy example on the site shows dumping mtcars with dbWriteTable and then doing things. Real-world CSV files have headers and commas (MonetDB […]


Visualizing Survey Data : Comparison Between Observations

Cybersecurity is a domain that really likes survey, or at the very least it has many folks within it that like to conduct and report on surveys. One recent survey on threat intelligence is in it’s second year, so it sets about comparing answers across years. Rather than go ingo the many technical/statistical issues with […]


An Ephemeral Update to daylight()

This occurrence of the bi-annual corruption of the space-time continuum (i.e. changing to/from standard/daylight time) in the U.S. caused me to make a slight change to the code from an older post. The daylight() function now auto-discovers the date and location information (via telize) from the caller, which means all you have to do to […]


Less Drama, More Encoding

Junk Charts adeptly noted and fixed this excessively stylized chart from the WSJ this week: Their take on it does reduce the ZOMGOSH WE ARE DOOMED! look and feel of the WSJ chart: But, we can further reduce the drama by using a more neutral color encoding and encode both the # of outbreaks and […]


Installing R on OS X – “100% Homebrew Edition”

In a previous post I provided “mouse-heavy” instructions for getting R running on your Mac. A few of the comments suggested that an “all Homebrew” solution may be preferable for some folks. Now, there are issues with this since getting “support” for what may be R issues will be very difficult on the official mailing […]


Installing R on OS X

NOTE: The comments are a must read for this. Some excellent additional advice and “gotchas” by some super-helpful readers. I was in a conversation with an academic colleague (wicked smart dude) and the subject of installing R came up (NOTE: this will happen to you, too, if you ever have the misfortune to have a […]


Replicating NatGeo’s “Proper” Earthquake Map in R

I saw this post over at NatGeo over the weekend and felt compelled to replicate this: with ggplot2. Three shapefiles later and we have it close enough to toss into a post (and I really don’t believe the continent names are necessary). library(rgdal) library(ggplot2) library(ggthemes)   # grab these from   world <- readOGR("countries.geo.json", […]

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