Get by with a little (R) help from your friends (at GitHub)

@JennyBryan posted her slides from the 2015 R Summit and they are a must-read for instructors and even general stats/R-folk. She’s one of the foremost experts in R+GitHub and her personal and class workflows provide solid patterns worth emulation. One thing she has mentioned a few times—and included in her R Summit talk—is the idea […]

DO Something Nifffty with R

@briandconnelly (of pushoverr fame) made a super-cool post about connecting R to @IFTTT via IFTTT’s “Maker” channel. The IFTTT Maker interface to receive events is fairly straightforward and Brian’s code worked flawlessly, so it was easy to tweak a bit and wrap into a package. To get started, you can clone an example public IFTTT […]