A Package Full o’ Pirates & Makin’ Interactive Pirate Maps in arrrrrRstats

Avast, me hearties! It’s time four t’ annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day #rstats post! (OK, I won’t make you suffer continuous pirate-speak for the entire post) I tried to be a bit more practical this year and have two treasuRe chests for you to (hopefully) enjoy. A Package Full o’ Pirates I’ve covered… Continue reading

RIM of Destruction

(With apologies to Barry McGuire & P.F. Sloan) To a familiar tune… RIM of Destruction The mobile world, it is explodin’ executives flarin’, app updates loadin’ you’re Bold’s enough to sell but no one’s buyin’ no one believes in your PlayBook, but that’s what your totin’ and even the Curve won’t keep you a floatin’… Continue reading