One More (Yet-another?) Olympic Medal Live-tracking Shiny App

I’m posting this mostly to show how to: – use the Google spreadsheet data-munging “hack” from the [previous post]( in a Shiny context – include it seamlessly into a web page, and – run it locally without a great deal of wrangling The code for the app is [in this gist]( It is unsurprisingly just… Continue reading

Data Driven Security Roundup: betaPERT, Shiny, Honeypots, Passwords & Reproducible Research

Jay Jacobs (@jayjacobs)—my co-author of the soon-to-be-released book [Data-Driven Security](—& I have been hard at work over at the book’s [sister-blog]( cranking out code to help security domain experts delve into the dark art of data science. We’ve covered quite a bit of ground since January 1st, but I’m using this post to focus more… Continue reading

Data-Driven Security (The Book) Update #ShamelessSelfPromotion

If I made a Venn diagram of the cross-section of readers of this blog and the [Data Driven Security]( web sites it might be indistinguishable from a pure circle. However, just in case there are a few stragglers out there, I figured one more post on the fact that the new book by @jayjacobs &… Continue reading

Announcing The Launch Of The Data Driven Security [Blog|Podcast]

While you’re waiting for the [book]( by @jayjacobs & @hrbrmstr to hit the shelves, why not head on over to the inaugural post of the [Data Driven Security Blog]( & give a listen to the first episode of the [Data Driven Security Podcast]( The Data Driven Security Blog aspires to be your go-to “how to”… Continue reading

Mapping Power Outages in Maine Dynamically with Shiny/R

I decided to forego the D3 map mentioned in the previous post in favor of a Shiny one since I had 90% of the mapping code written. I binned the ranges into three groups, changed the color over to something more pleasant (with RColorBrewer), added an interactive table for the counties with outage and have… Continue reading

Preparing For The February 2014 Book Launch

Data Driven Security launches in February 2014. @jayjacobs & I have seen half of the book in PDF form so far and it’s almost unbelievable that this journey is almost over. We setup a live Amazon “sales rank” tracker over at the book’s web site and provided some Python and JavaScript code to show folks… Continue reading