Beware of sideloading f.lux for iOS from files obtained on sharing/torrent sites

Apple made the @justgetflux folks remove their [iOS sideloaded app]( due to the use of private APIs (which are a violation of the Apple Developer agreement). The ZIP archive has been pulled from their site (and it really has, too). This “sideloading”—i.e. installing directly to your device after compiling it from source—_was_ an interesting way… Continue reading

An Alfred (OS X) Workflow for Weather Underground Personal Weather Station (PWS) Data

I’ve operated a [Weather Underground]( [Personal Weather Station]( (PWS) [[KMEBERWI7](] off-and-on (hardware issues notwithstanding) for as long as I can remember, and I thought it was about time to finally do an Alfred↔PWS mashup. My personal requirements were quite modest: – 5 reading history (including most current) – Ability to copy all the current day’s… Continue reading

Security & Privacy Of Mountain Lion’s Dictation Feature

With Gizmodo doing a post hyping Mountain Lion’s new dictation feature it’s probably a good time to note that folks in regulated environments or who just care about security & privacy a bit more than others should not enable or use this feature for the dictation of sensitive information. From Apple’s own warning on the… Continue reading