A lightweight menubar utility for macOS R users

Download RSwitch v1.7.0 RSwitch Source Code Using RSwitch

Key Features

🎛 Switch Active R Version

oldrel? current? r-devel? You decide!. Instantly switch the active R version to test your projects for backward/forward compatibility.

🗓 Keep Current

Download latest versions of r-devel tarballs and RStudio daily builds with just one click.

📚 Stay Informed

Use the handy bookmarks to key macOS R resources to keep abreast of the lastest changes to the R & R-macOS ecosystem.

🕹 Take Control

Launch [new] RStudio or macOS R GUI right from the menubar or switch to open, active instances of either application.

📁 Dive in

Get quick access to the local R framework installation or use the handy command-line switcher for mouse-free R version switching.

⌨️ Join the party

RSwitch is open source, MIT licensed, and just waiting for your contributions.

Requirements (for running the app)


To clone and hack on application, you'll need Git and Xcode 11. Then, from your command line:

# Clone this repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd RSwitch

# Launch the Xcode project
$ open RSwitch.xcworkspace

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