Slopegraphs in Python – More Output Tweaks

The best way to explain this release will be to walk you through an updated configuration file: { "label_font_family" : "Palatino","label_font_size" : "9", "header_font_family" : "Palatino","header_font_size" : "10", "x_margin" : "20","y_margin" : "30", "line_width" : "0.5", "slope_length" : "150", "labels" : [ "1970", "1979" ], "header_color" : "000000","background_color" : "FFFFFF","label_color" : "111111","value_color" : "999999","slope_color" : "AAAAAA", "value_format_string" : "%2d", "input" : "receipts.csv","output" : "receipts","format"… Continue reading

Slopegraphs In Python – colors, fonts & alignment

On the heels of last evening’s release of Slopegraphs in Python post comes some minor tweaks: Complete alignment control of labels & and values Colors (for background, lines, labels & values) — I picked a random pattern from Adobe’s Kuler A font change (to prove width calculations work) …and a new example slopegraph: As promised,… Continue reading

Slopegraphs in Python

(NOTE: You can keep up with progress best at github, but can always search on “slopegraph” here or just hit the tag page: “slopegraph” regularly) I’ve been a bit obsessed with slopegraphs (a.k.a “Tufte table-chart”) of late and very dissatisfied with the lack of tools to make this particular visualization tool more prevalent. While my… Continue reading