ZeroAccess Bots Desperately Seeking Freedom (Visualization)

I’ve been doing a bit of graphing (with real, non-honeypot network data) as part of the research for the book I’m writing with @jayjacobs and thought one of the images was worth sharing (especially since it may not make it into the book :-). Click image for larger view This is a static screen capture… Continue reading

Re-imagining @panda_security’s Q1 2013 Report Pie Charts

We infosec folk eat up industry reports and most of us have no doubt already gobbled up @panda_security’s recently released [Q1 2013 Report]( [PDF]. It’s a good read (so go ahead and read it, we’ll still be here!) and I was really happy to see a nicely stylized chart in the early pages: However, I… Continue reading

An Homage To Flame

(Sing to the tune of “Fame – Remember My name” … Here’s some YouTube background music) They’ve been lookin’ at me, but they never did see— no, no trace of me did they detect; Gave me time to collect all the data at rest. I’ve got so much in me: LUA, zlib & sqlite3– I… Continue reading