Primary Plotting

My wife tricked me into a partial-weekend project to try to get all the primary/caucus results to-date on a map (the whole us). This is challenging since not all states use counties as boundaries for aggregate results. I’m still piecing together some shapefiles for the primary/caucus summation boundaries for a couple remaining states but I… Continue reading

Replicating NatGeo’s “Proper” Earthquake Map in R

I saw this post over at NatGeo over the weekend and felt compelled to replicate this: with ggplot2. Three shapefiles later and we have it close enough to toss into a post (and I really don’t believe the continent names are necessary). library(rgdal) library(ggplot2) library(ggthemes) library(ggalt) # devtools::install_github(“hrbrmstr/ggalt”) # grab these from world <-… Continue reading

Three New #rstats Twitter Bots To Follow

I engage with the Stack[Overflow|Exchange] community quite a bit and was super-happy @treycausey made the [Stack Overflow #rstats bot]( (@StackOverflowR) since I’m also on Twitter alot (mostly hanging out in #rstats these days). However, #rstats questions exist in other Stack watering holes, like the [Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange]( [Cross Validated]( and the fledgling [Data… Continue reading

Faceted “World Population by Income” Choropleths in ggplot

Poynter did a nice interactive piece on world population by income (i.e. “How Many Live on How Much, and Where”). I’m always on the lookout for optimized shapefiles and clean data (I’m teaching a data science certificate program starting this Fall) and the speed of the site load and the easy availability of the data… Continue reading

Power Outage Impact Choropleths In 5 Steps in R (featuring rvest & RStudio “Projects”)

I and @awpiii were trading news about the power outages in Maine & New Hampshire last night and he tweeted the link to the @PSNH [Outage Map]( As if the Bing Maps tiles weren’t bad enough, the use of a categorical color scale instead of a sequential one[[1](] caused sufficient angst that I whipped up… Continue reading