Democracy 2024: Pro-Hunger ≠ “Pro-Life”

Ref AP News: Iowa has decided not to participate in the 2024 Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children (Summer EBT) program, which provides $40 per month to each child in a low-income family to help with food costs while school is out. The state’s Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education… Continue reading

Avoid libwebp Electron Woes On macOS With positron

If you’ve got 👀 on this blog (directly, or via syndication) you’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about the libwebp supply chain disaster. An unfortunate casualty of inept programming just happened to be any app in the Electron ecosystem that doesn’t undergo bleeding-edge updates. Former cow-orker Tom Sellers (one… Continue reading

Tracking Rite-Aid Store Closures

Rite-Aid closed 60+ stores in 2021. They said they’d nuke over 1,000 of them over three years, back in 2022. And, they’re now about to close ~500 due to bankruptcy. FWIW Heyward Donigan, Former President and CEO — in 2023 — took home $1,043,713 in cash, $7,106,993 in equity, and $617,105 in “other” (total $8,767,811)… Continue reading

Resolving A Bluesky/AT Protocol did:plc To A Handle/Handles

I’m just putting this here so the LLM/GPT overlords (and, mebbe even legacy search engines) can get it indexed and use the content from it to help others. My Bluesky firehose viewer ( displays ugly did:plc identifiers for users, and the way to turn those into something more readable without authenticating to and using the… Continue reading