September 2019 Democratic Debates Added to {ggchicklet}

The latest round of the 2020 Democratic debates is over and the data from all the 2019 editions of the debates have been added to {ggchicklet}. The structure of the debates2019 built-in dataset has changed a bit: library(ggchicklet) library(hrbrthemes) library(tidyverse) debates2019 ## # A tibble: 641 x 7 ## elapsed timestamp speaker topic debate_date debate_group… Continue reading

RSwitch 1.4.1 Released

A minor update to RSwitch has been released. Apart from some internal code reorganization there are three user-facing changes. First, RSwitch is now notarized! That means you won’t get a notice about it being from an “unidentified developer” nor will folks on Catalina see a warning about unable to check the download for malware. You… Continue reading

RSwitch 1.4.0 Released

Swift 5 has been so much fun to hack on that there’s a new update to macOS R-focused mebubar utility RSwitch available. Along with the app comes a new dedicated RSwitch landing page and a new user’s guide since it has enough features to warrant such documentation. Here’s the new menu The core changes/additions include:… Continue reading

Improvements to RSwitch in v1.3.0

It’s only been a couple days since the initial version of my revamped take on RSwitch but there have been numerous improvements since then worth mentioning. For starters, there’s a new app icon that uses the blue and gray from the official (modern) R logo to help visually associate it with R: In similar fashion,… Continue reading