Lost In [SQL] Translation: Charting d[b]plyr Mapped SQL Function Support Across All Backends

Like more posts than I care to admit, this one starts innocently enough with a tweet by @gshotwell: Is there a reference document somewhere of which dplyr commands work on various database backends? #rstats — Gordon Shotwell (@gshotwell) April 9, 2019 Since I use at least 4 different d[b]plyr backends every week, this same question… Continue reading

A Limited-but-Functional Couchbase Free Text Search & Retrieval Un-package; or, “How I Abused Couchbase & R to Perform Bulk IP Whois Full-text Searches” (a Cobbler’s Tale)

Researching “the internet” (i.e. $DAYJOB) means having to deal with a ton of “unique” (I’m being kind) data formats. This is ultimately a tale of how I performed full-text searches across one of them. It all started off innocently enough. This past week I need to be able to do full-text searches across metadata about… Continue reading