Quick Hit: A Different (Diminutive) Look At Distributions With {ggeconodist}

Despite being a full-on denizen of all things digital I receive a fair number of dead-tree print magazines as there’s nothing quite like seeing an amazing, large, full-color print data-driven visualization up close and personal. I also like supporting data journalism through the subscriptions since without cash we will only have insane, extreme left/right-wing perspectives… Continue reading

Introducing the {ethercalc} package

I mentioned EtherCalc in a previous post and managed to scrounge some time to put together a fledgling {ethercalc} package (it’s also on GitLab, SourceHut, Bitbucket and GitUgh, just sub out the appropriate URL prefix). I’m creating a package-specific Docker image (there are a couple out there but I’m not supporting their use with the… Continue reading

Makeover Jambalaya: Beating Dumbbells into Slopegraphs Whilst Orchestrating EtherCalc

This morning, @kairyssdal tweeted out the following graphic from @axios: Confusing, but interesting. Data shows we're a nation of news consumption hypocrites – Axios https://t.co/O0lPSc4OV3 — Kai Ryssdal (@kairyssdal) June 11, 2019 If you’re doing the right thing and blocking evil social media javascript you can find the Axios story here and the graphic below:… Continue reading