2022 Hanukkah of Data • Puzzle 2

Ref: https://rud.is/b/2022/12/19/2022-hanukkah-of-data-puzzle-1/ library(tidyverse) cust <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-customers.csv”) orders_items <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-orders_items.csv”) orders <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-orders.csv”) products <- read_csv(“~/Downloads/noahs-csv/noahs-products.csv”) orders_items |> left_join(products) -> oip orders |> left_join(oip) -> orders orders |> filter( 2017 == lubridate::year(ordered), grepl(“cleaner|bagel”, desc, ignore.case=TRUE) ) |> group_by(customerid, orderid) |> summarise( ord = paste0(desc, collapse=”; “), n = n() ) |> arrange(desc(n)) # look for bagel… Continue reading

2022 Hanukkah of Data • Puzzle 1

Visiting #2 and doing some $WORK-work, but intrigued with Hanukkah of Data since Puzzle 0 was solvable with a ZIP password cracker (the calendar date math seemed too trivial to bother with). Decided to fall back to R for this (vs Observable for the Advent of Code which I’ll dedicate time to finishing next week)…. Continue reading

Into The Fediverse!

This is more of a test post after enabling some new Fediverse features on the server. Said Fediverse got a bit more real-ish this week (with moderate apologies to the pioneers in this space who’ve languished for ~five years) You can find me at: @hrbrmstr@mastodon.social (general blathering/primary masto-account) @hrbrmstr@infosec.exchange (reserved for cybersecurity chatter) @hrbrmstr@rud.is (the… Continue reading