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Tag Archives: Microsoft Virtual Server


  • VSR uses some high-ish profile attacks from 2010 to provide fodder for the VAR community :: Security Risk: Top Hacker Attacks of 2010. I include it as the examples they provide should make it easier for folks doing presentations where they need to show real-life attacks (without sifting through the individual entries at the various data breach web site databases). [Vertical Systems Reseller]


  • Windows 7/2008 SP1 looms large. OEMs, VLCs & MSDN/TechNet subscribers get it on February 16th and the rest of the masses can give it a go on February 22nd. It looks like it has a decidedly enterprise-y focus, but one can hope it continues Microsoft on the path to robust desktop & server experiences :: Announcing The Availability of Windows 7 and Windows Server R2 SP1 [Microsoft]
  • Autoruns – the ability to automatically perform tasks when certain devices are made available to Window systems (e.g. USB sticks) – are a boon to malware writers. While Microsoft has somewhat mitigated the threat they pose in more modern versions of their operating systems, it can be tricky to make older systems safe. With the latest round of Patch Tuesday updates, they included a way to disable Autoruns in older systems. W00t! Microsoft Update Offers an Easier Way to Turn off Autoruns [PC World]
  • Succinct and informative article by Chris Sanders on how to determine if your systems is being actively compromised. Chock full of screen shots and examples of what to look for. While not exactly aimed at the general Windows community, it does provide a solid introduction to core tools that technically-inclined users should make room for in their toolboxes :: []


  • Pageforest helps you ship complete web applications without having to write any server-side code. You can build your application using HTML[5], CSS & javascript and the Pageforest service provides application hosting, user authentication & data storage. You only use client-side javascript and are free to include jQuery, Prototype or any other frameworks that you need to include in your app. Hosting is currently free and the site includes a full IDE to help you get started coding :: A Pure JavaScript Web Application Platform []