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I’m putting together a computer & online safety presentation for an upcoming talk at a senior center in Portsmouth (NH) and came across Support Details in my information hunting trek. This site makes it dirt simple to get basic information from whomever you are providing remote support to (a task I’m sure many of us have to do on occasion). I suspect it could also be handy to a developer who wants to double-check client settings. If you’ve ever tried asking someone what their IP address is or even what browser they are using, you know how helpful it might be if you could find out simple information quickly and painlessly.

Support Details collects data on the following system/browser elements:

  • Operating System
  • Screen Resolution
  • Web Browser
  • Browser Size
  • IP Address
  • Color Depth
  • Javascript
  • Flash Version
  • Cookies
  • User Agent

Support Details | Tech Support Management

Both Windows and OS X provide internal utilities to do full screen sharing – and more – for remote assistance if you’re on that same platform. There are third party services such as GoToAssist and Copilot that enable remote support across platforms. While Support Details does not even come close to either types of interaction it does provide basic data to help you triage where to go next…and, it’s free.